"Cornish Gains Endorsement From Second Major Farm Group"

Rep. Tony Cornish has received the official political endorsement and an award from the Minnesota Farmers' Union specifically for "supporting family farms and rural communities." MFU Presdient Doug Peterson noted with the award that it was "in recognition of a strong voting record in favor of MFU priorities for the 2009-2010 legislative session." Cornish has already received the full endorsement of the Minnesota Farm Bureau.

Cornish Receives "Legislator of Distinction" Award

Friday, July 17, 2009
League honors Representative Tony Cornish as one of 14 Minnesota House members of Distinction
The League of Minnesota Cities has selected 14 members of the Minnesota House of Representatives as Legislators of Distinction for 2009. The honor recognizes legislators for specific actions that aided efforts of Minnesota cities during the 2009 legislative session. Legislators of Distinction are chosen yearly to emphasize the fact that in order to successfully serve commonly-shared constituents, state and city officials must work together to meet the unique needs of rural, suburban, and urban main streets all across Minnesota.


Cornish Receives Legislator of the Year Award

Representative Cornish Receives Award for Legislator of the year for 2009 from the largest police organization in the State, the MPPOA (Minnesota Police and Peace Officers' Association)

The Following Organizations Have Endorsed My Re Election as State Representative for 23 B

Education Minnesota Political Action Committee
Minnesota Farm Bureau Political Action Committee
Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Political Action Committee (MCCL 100 % rating)
National Rifle Association (A+ Rating)
Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association
Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis
United Transportation Union/Minnesota
Minnesota Chiropractic Political Action Committee
National Federation of Independent Business NFIB
Peace Officers Alliance of Minnesota
Minnesotans for Personal Choice and Competition in Healthcare

The Following Organizations Have Presented Me an Award

Minnesota Farmers Union (Farm and Rural Legislative Award)
League of Minnesota Cities (Legislator of Distinction)
National Federation of Independent Business NFIB (Guardian of Small Business)

Please Note, Though I'm Pleased to Receive Their Endorsement, I Do Not Take PAC Money From Any of Them.




This may seem like a funny title, but it's an answer to my Independent Party opponent Mark Meyer. He recently posted a newspaper ad titled, "Where is Tony?" During my entire campaign I have intentionally not personally addressed Mr. Meyer, though he assails me in his ads and fundraising letters. However, when his ads are this misleading, I thought I must.

It's really ironic that Mr. Meyer would ask a question like this, because a while back at the Lake Crystal Legion he said, "Tony Cornish! You're my hero. You're everywhere!" He followed that up with a donation to my campaign two years ago.

He knows very well that I have a reputation for being everywhere and at almost all the local events and celebrations. Though I have a full time job and am asked to attend many more events than I can possibly make, I have clearly outdistanced most all other legislators in this area.

Mr. Meyer only made a few of the 14 parades in our district and has not been at scores of events that I have attended such as church benefits and steak fries. I would much rather be attending these events shaking hands with the local people than I would be at that laundry list he displayed of special interest groups and forums in his ad. What's worse more than half of them were outside of our district.

Mr. Meyer has stated twice in the media this year ( Mankato Free Press) that he supports "raising taxes on all income levels and expanding the sales tax until we reach a surplus." In another Free Press article he states "No one supports Universal Health Care more than I do." Also, at a listening session in Janesville he told the only person that showed up that he believes in gay marriage and also in abortion during the first 90 days of pregnancy.

I think Mr. Meyer would have been much better informed as to what the constituents deem important in our area if he would have declined those invitations out of his district in Mankato and stopped in at some of our local establishments just to talk.

Still here and Still Fighting for Rural Minnesota. Please vote for me on November 2nd

Tony Cornish
State Rep 23B

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