MNsure is a disaster. Minnesotans are being fleeced thanks to Obamacare and this failed program, and the stubborn liberals in St. Paul refuse to do anything about it.

Governor Dayton and the Democrats who forced MNsure on us promised health insurance premiums would drop by 30 percent, saving families $500. They couldn't have been more wrong. According to the most recent data, the average family buying health insurance on its own will see average premiums increase by around 60 percent next year. This is on top of double digit average increases in each of the past two years, and many of these folks don't receive a financial break through federal tax credits.

In large part we have Obamacare to thank for these massive price hikes. Going without insurance isn't an option because that means they're breaking the law, so these residents are losing thousands of dollars with no relief in sight thanks to Obamacare mandates and the lack of choice on MNsure.

And what about your tax dollars that are being wasted on this program? Recently, the nonpartisan Office of the Legislative Auditor conducted an audit on the eligibility determinations for public programs conducted through the Department of Human Services and MNsure. According to its report, between January and May of 2015 Minnesota spent between $115 million and $271 million on people who were either enrolled in the wrong public program or who shouldn't have been on public programs in the first place. And that was just in four months! That total doesn't include the $400+ million that's also been spent on the program since its inception.

Don't forget the other MNsure embarrassments since its inception. A failing website; a significant data privacy breach; astoundingly bad enrollment figures; a bailout by the program's largest commercial provider; and the list goes on and on.

Minnesota once had one of the best health insurance systems in the nation. Now we're a laughingstock. We need to begin working on a bipartisan affordable health insurance plan that allows more choices with better options through greater competition for your health insurance business.

Last session, Republicans tried to make things better. In the House, we voted to reduce the MNsure tax which would have saved families at least $22 million over the next three years. The measure did pass the House, but was vocally opposed by Democrat legislators and was not enacted.

We can't do anything about Obamacare as that is federal program, but we can do something about the disaster that is MNsure - and we must.

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