Rep. Cornish: Number of High Profile Bills Headed to Governor Dayton

ST. PAUL – State Representative Tony Cornish (R-Vernon Center) said Governor Dayton will be receiving a number of high profile bills to sign or veto in the coming days.
“The House and Senate have reached agreement on a number of bills that have made headlines at the Capitol this year, and more are on the way,” Cornish said.
The first measure continues to improve Minnesota’s environmental permitting process. Effective April 3, the law requires the Pollution Control Agency to notify project applicants if permits are complete or incomplete within 30 days. If incomplete, the PCA must detail application deficiencies and how they can be solved. The law requires all environmental permits to be issued or denied within 150 days.
“Prior to last year, we heard from businesses who chose to relocate in other states because this costly permitting process was taking more than a year to complete,” Cornish said.  “Basically this is a bill that makes it easier for business owners to expand and create jobs in Minnesota.”
A bill that would pay back the school shift payment extension enacted last year is also on its way to Governor Dayton’s desk.  The proposal would take $430 million out of budget reserves and return it to the schools, which Minnesota is able to do since Minnesota’s economy has made a $6 billion turnaround and it has $1 billion sitting in the bank.
The final measure will not need Governor Dayton’s approval because you will have the opportunity to vote on it this fall.  Both the House and Senate have passed compromise legislation that will ask Minnesotans if they want to amend Minnesota’s Constitution in order to require photo identification prior to voting.
“Last year we sent a voter identification bill to Governor Dayton to sign but he wanted no part of it,” Cornish said.  “That’s why we’ll let the voters have their say this fall and decide once and for all if they think providing a photo ID at the polls with strengthen the integrity of Minnesota’s election system.”



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