Tax Relief and Job Creation Act Sent to Governor

ST. PAUL – The Minnesota Legislature has approved the Tax Relief and Job Creation Act, and it has been sent to Governor Mark Dayton for his signature.  State Representative Tony Cornish (R-Good Thunder) voted in favor of the proposal.
“This bill is good news for people who are looking for a job, as well as many of our cities with provisions that protect or increase Local Government Aid,” Cornish said.  “It’s a good bill and I hope the Governor will sign it.”
Cornish said small towns would appreciate this bill, as it allows cities with populations under 5,000 to receive either their paid 2012 LGA or certified 2013 LGA - whichever is greater.
Also included is the provision that allows small businesses to take up-front capital equipment exemptions rather than wait months for a refund, as well as the Greater Minnesota Internship Grant program, which will help keep more talented workers in rural Minnesota, and a Veterans Jobs Tax Credit which encourages employers to hire veterans.
With the 2012 session having come to a close, Cornish said this was his most productive year in the Minnesota House.  As chairman of the House Public Safety Policy and Finance Committee, Cornish played a key role in crafting new crime policies, including penalty increases for the criminal neglect of vulnerable adults, motor fuel theft, allowing law enforcement to fingerprint any offender to eliminate a suspense record, and allowing county attorneys to carry a handgun while at work if they have a permit.
“This is easily the best year I’ve had in terms of passing legislation that affect people’s lives,” Cornish said.  “As public safety chairman, our goal was to be tough on criminals while helping victims of crime, and I am pleased with our accomplishments.”



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