Self Defense

Some liberals out there tend to try to paint me as a "gun nut" at the legislature when all I am really up to is assisting citizens to prepare themselves to defend themselves through bills such as Conceal and Carry, the Castle Doctrine, and allowing students to carry on campus. A small segment of my time has been spent on this legislation, but I have been very successful.

It's my belief, now more than ever, that law abiding citizens be allowed to carry a handgun under certain restrictions. That is why I was Chief Author of the above legislation. Time and time again it has been proven that no one has to be in fear of law abiding citizens having the right to carry and defend themselves. I have done extensive research in this area. As a legislator and as a Peace Officer I believe that our police are wonderful and effective, but we need to be allowed to defend ourselves under certain circumstances. Everything the opposition has warned us about concerning the above legislation has turned out to be false. I personally heard both testimony and debate offered that blood would run in the streets and there would be more suicides and assaults and assorted tragedy if the "Conceal and Carry" was enacted. None of it came true. Citizens have proven that they used good judgment with the responsibility there were given. Nothing bad has happened by permit holders actually acting under the permit restrictions. Hopefully, in the future common sense and actual facts will be presented in the coming debates on this issue.

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